What my 3 year old daughter has taught me about my business.

Just like that, I am now a mother of a three year old or, as I like to say, a three-nager. 

One June 4th, we celebrated my daughter Layla's third birthday with family.  My daughter is in the princess stage and, fittingly enough, loves (loves, loves) Belle from Beauty and the Beast. So I thought it would be fitting to make her a princess for the day on her birthday and throw her a Beauty and the Beast / princess birthday party. 

Bittersweet [Pastries] made our cake and we absolutely loved it! They totally nailed the design and look I was going for. The cake also tasted AMAZING!!! The cookies were also by them and we loved the Mrs. Potts ones as that is one of Layla's favorite characters from the movie, besides Belle. 

 Cake and Cookies by: Bitter Sweet Pastry 

Cake and Cookies by: Bitter Sweet Pastry 

 Created by: Vision of Elegance

Created by: Vision of Elegance

Around my Layla's first birthday, I did a post on "What my 1 year old daughter has taught me about my business." You can view that by clicking here. So I thought it would be fitting to revisit that post and think about what has my 3 year old taught me about my business, and reflect on what has changed and what has remained the same. 

1. I have learned to give myself a lot of grace. 

2. She still is the boss. Or so she thinks..haha

3. Working into the late evenings and some weekends are just how it is and that is ok, if it means quality time with the kids and my husband during the day. 

4. Being a mom and business owner is possible. Even with multiple children. 

5. Saying no to certain projects or opportunities is not always a bad thing. 

6. Family dinners are essential.

7. Delegating work and outsourcing is great to get more quality family time. 

8. Enjoy the moments because these kids they grow up so darn fast. It feels like yesterday I was bring her home from the hospital.

9.  My favorite one and still true:  I’m not only a mom and a business owner, but a role model to my children. I have to become the person that I want my daughter (and now also my son) to see me as.

I would love to know if you have kids and how your running your business. How has life changed for you? What have your kids taught you about yourself and your business. Please comment below.