CSW Designer Challenge Vendor Spotlight: Gold Grid Studios

For the Designer Challenge, Rebecca and her team at Gold Grid Studios were tasked with photographing each of the designs put together by the teams participating in the Designer Challenge.  We loved having Rebecca as a part of our team and absolutely loved the images she captured of our work! Check her out on the blog today and learn a little more about Gold Grid Studios and how she got started. Also, if you missed any of our spotlights on our vendor team they are up on the blog so please check them out. Also, voting is closing June 30th so please vote for us today! You can do so by clicking here. 

Tell me little about Gold Grid Studios. 
Gold Grid Studios is a wedding photography team with a focus on collaboration. We allow our photographers the freedom to take beautiful photos, while our studio strives for excellent communication and organization with the creative team of each event.

How did you get started?
After owning my own personal photography company for 5 years, Gold Grid Studios was born out of the desire to create a team environment – a way to provide our amazing couples with better support for their big day while furthering the creative life of the great photographers in Chicago. Gone are the days of the one-woman-show who miraculously completed everything alone. Gone are the days of worrying about what you’ll do if your photographer gets sick on your wedding day. Say hello to the team approach that gives photographers the time to become better, while brides and grooms benefit from that amazing talent.

 Photo by: Gold Grid Studios 

Photo by: Gold Grid Studios 

What is something couples should consider when hiring a photographer for their wedding?Always ask your photographer how many weddings they shoot per year.
Weddings take a lot out of you. It can be a long, physically tiring day for both the photographer and for the entire wedding party. You want a photographer who has the experience, stamina, and positivity to not only make it through the day, but to excel in the environment. On the flip-side, you don’t want someone who spreads themselves too thin. T
he answer to this question is usually a key into the quality of service you'll receive throughout the process!

You shot all the Design Teams. Without playing favorites, how did you like the process and being involved in so many different visions? 

What is so unique about shoots like this is that the team of professionals involved are getting to show off their own specific visions without anyone else's input. We all of course love the work we create for our couples, but that inherently must be their vision and not our own (after all it's their wedding!). Looking at shoots like the Designer's Challenge really shows who loves to create something that's full of color or who loves working with neutrals, who loves a timeless look and who is more trendy, etc. 

What was your biggest takeaway from the designers challenge as a whole? 

Being involved in the Designer's Challenge really was a way to see what unique aesthetics each of the teams bring to the table and really thrive within. I think that all couples should choose a team of creative professionals that naturally are in alignment aesthetically with their own vision. There are seemingly endless options out there for couples to choose from for their wedding day, so focusing on what type of day they want and then choosing someone who equally loves their style preferences is a way to make the working relationship between professional and couple run that much more smoothly. 

What makes one team stand out from another in your opinion?

think success is achieved when you can't tell whether there was a team leader, when all of the elements come together so perfectly that you can't decipher which came first. Part of achieving that goal comes from the team working well together. Harmonious teamwork leads to a harmonious design.