CSW Designer Challenge Vendor Spotlight: Gromeza Floral Design Studio

On the blog today, we have our partner in crime Gromeza Floral Design Studio with whom we collaborated closely with on this challenge. Check them out and learn more about Ozzie and his fabulous business and about the challenges we both faced in this project. Also, if you missed last week's post on our venue partner, the Chicago History Museum, you can click here. If you want to see more behind the scenes snippets, then click here. Also, voting is closing June 30th so please vote for us! To vote, click here.  

Tell me a little about Gromeza. 

Founded in 2014, gromeza floral is a boutique studio specializing in floral styling. Created by designer Ozzie Gromada Meza, and based in the neighborhood of Lakeview in Chicago, IL, gromeza embraces the challenge of making events unique and unforgettable through flower and textures. 

 Picture provided by: Gromeza Floral Design Studio 

Picture provided by: Gromeza Floral Design Studio 

How did you get started?

My story is pretty simple. I went to college. Studied to be a corporate librarian. Turned into a marketer. Got married. Opened a design studio. That is simple, right? In all seriousness, I was inspired to create the design studio while planning for my wedding. The floral world truly intrigued. It's beauty. The idea of creating with my hands.  I truly never imagined I would become the owner and creative designer of a floral studio. NEVER, but here we are approaching three years of being in business.

 Floral Provided by: Gromeza Floral Design Studio 

Floral Provided by: Gromeza Floral Design Studio 

How did you like collaborating with another designer (vision of elegance) on this project? 

We truly lived the motto "Community Over Competition".  Going into this collaboration, we both new we had different aesthetics and techniques and this project became a huge learning experience for both of us.  We figured out our strength and weaknesses early on in the project making it a stress-free partnership.

What was your biggest takeaway form this project?

First of all, we quickly learned saying "I want to do a hanging installing" is way easier than making it actually happen.  It took us several months of research and calling our floral mentors to learn how to execute this design!  Surprisingly, the biggest takeaway was not learning how to do a hanging installation, but the benefit of being insanely organized.  We had a limited number of work hours to make it all happen!

What inspired the design you and Vision of Elegance came up with?

Participating in styled shoots are a perfect way to try something new, test out an idea or just have fun.  This project did all of that. We wanted to execute an idea that was on trend and challenging to both of us. Inspired by all of our favorite designers including Holly Chapple and Karen Tran, we combined a softness using soft blush and pinks color palette and luxury with hanging floral and oversized statement pieces. 

What does winning mean to you and your company?

Winning this recognition validates all the hard work and determination of this project.  It allows our studio to show potential clients our ability to create amazing visual effects using floral and other details.